cast equipment中文什么意思

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  • 铸件设备


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  1. Project containt : reforming the steel making and casting workshop , purchasing the steel makeing and casting equipment , establishing 4 sets of rolling mill production line
  2. Assists with film permits , budgeting , location scouts , casting equipment , personnel and logistics , a one - stop solution for all the production needs
  3. The company developed special magnesium melting furnace , protective gas , quantitative transport equipments , and vacuum casting equipments which can satisfy the production of various kinds ofmagne sium alloys
  4. In order to satisfy the customer demands on high productivity and high quality for continuous caster , modern continuous caster has made great developments in optimizing caster technology , high performace casting equipment , and process automation and so on
  5. We insist on " survival depending on quality " , and passed iso9001 , iso14001 , the products are approved by cnacl , dnv , bv , ccs , we always use advanced technology and equipments such as vacuum casting equipments from german hedrich company , foil winding machines , partial discharge detectors and lightning impulse voltage gener - ators , we shall provide our customers with super quality products and good service


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