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  1. With the Melos Ensemble he recorded chamber music for both woodwinds and strings, such as Ravel's Introduction and Allegro along with Osian Ellis ( harp ), Gervase de Peyer ( clarinet ), Emanuel Hurwitz and Ivor McMahon ( violin ), Cecil Aronowitz ( viola ) and Terence Weil ( cello ) . both 1961 and 1967.
  2. McMahon recorded chamber music with the Melos Ensemble, its principal players Richard Adeney and William Waterhouse ( bassoon ), Emanuel Hurwitz, Kenneth Sillito and Iona Brown ( violin ), Cecil Aronowitz and Kenneth Essex ( viola ), Terence Weil and Keith Harvey ( cello ), Adrian Beers ( double bass ), Osian Ellis and Hilary Wilson ( harp ) and Lamar Crowson ( piano ).
  3. Important viola pioneers from the twentieth century were Lionel Tertis, William Primrose, composer / performer Paul Hindemith, Th閛phile Laforge, Cecil Aronowitz, Maurice Vieux, Vadim Borisovsky, Lillian Fuchs, Dino Asciolla, Frederick Riddle, Walter Trampler, Ernst Wallfisch, Csaba Erd閘yi, the only violist to ever win the Carl Flesch International Violin Competition, and Emanuel Vardi, the first violist to record the 24 Caprices by Paganini on viola.
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