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  1. Effects of yiqi huayu recipe on neural cell adhesion molecule in rats with lumbar nerve root compression
  2. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides inhibit angiogenesis and cell adhesion in chicken chorioallantoic membrane model
  3. Cell adhesion dramatically increased after 6h by fibronectin and after 12h by collagen type i in monolayer culture
    1型细胞为多角形或长校形, actin表达较少并相对聚集; 11型细胞细胞圆形,铺展良好, 。
  4. Many of the genes that are mutated are involved in pathways thought to be important in cancer , such as cell adhesion , movement , and signaling
  5. The material ' s surface can become rough after special disposal , which is benefit to organization cell adhesion and bone combination
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  7. Integrins , a large family of receptors that attach cells to the matrix , exert an extraordinary control on cell adhesion , migration , proliferation and survival
  8. The results showed that the improvement of surface hydrophilicity did not improve the cell adhesion and cell proliferation effectively , but had great influence on the cell spreading properties
  9. Measuring the effects of low expression of grp94 on human colorectal cancer cell biological characteristics ( 1 ) light microscopic observation of the cell morphology , cell adhesion a - bility , and growth rate
    检测grp94表达水平下降对人大肠癌细胞生物学特性的影响( 1 )光镜下观察纲胞的形态、贴壁状态、聚集生长能力和生长速度。
  10. . . . nearly all aspects of cell life are regulated by reversible protein phosphorylation . some examples include metabolic processes , gene regulation , cell cycle control , transport and secretory processes , the organization of the cytoskeleton , and cell adhesion
  11. Based on the " self - migrating and surface - segregation " behavior , the amphiphile segregation surface was therefore constructed on hydrophobic pdl - la matrix , which containing the structure of peo spacer combining cell adhesion ligands to mimic the extracellular matrix ( ecm )
  12. Catenin binds to the cytoplasmic tail of a transmembrane cell adhesion molecule - epithelial cadherin ( e - cadherin ) in epithelial cells and forms an adhesion complex [ e - cadherin - p - catenin ( or y - catenin ) - cc - catenin ] ( cadherin - catenin - complex , ccc ) , this complex play an important role in maintaining epithelial cell adhesion . some catenins such as - , - and p120ctn catenins are also crucial in cell signaling , they play an important role in cell proliferation and cell apoptosis
    在上皮细胞内,连环蛋白均能与跨膜细胞粘附分子?上皮钙粘蛋白( e - cadherin )的胞内肽段结合而形成了由上皮钙粘蛋白- -连环蛋白( -连环蛋白) - -连环蛋白组成的粘附连接体( adherensjunctions , ajs ) ,这种复合体对维持细胞正常的粘附功能是必需的。
  13. Studies revealed that p - catenin dissociated from ccc and translocated into free catenin pool in cytosol after it has been phosphorylated at tyrosine or serine residues , and in this situation , the ccc has been disrupted and cell adhesion function disturbed . a large amount of the free p - catenins in the cytosol can be degraded by the tumor suppressor apc , and the remains translocate into nucleus and bind to transcriptional factor tcf / lef in the nucleus and then promote cell proliferation related gene or anti - apoptosis gene transcription
    当-连环蛋白酪氨酸或丝氨酸残基磷酸化后,就与ajs发生解离而游离到细胞浆中,此时细胞的粘附功能也发生障碍,游离到胞浆中的-连环蛋白,一部分被抑癌因子apc降解,一部分则转移到细胞核内,与核内的转录因子tcf lef结合,启动与细胞增殖有关的基因转录。
  14. Cell adhesion to surface of the substrate is essential to development of the anchorage - dependent cells . only after adhering to surface followed by spreading can cells develop and proliferate . most synthetic polymers used as orthopaedic matrix substitute present hydrophobicity , which may correlates to the low degree of cell attachment . modification with cell adhesion protein / peptides can be benificial to the cell adhesion on polymers and then affect the cell proliferation and differentiation . cell attachment to substrate is primarily mediated by integrins , a widely expressed family of heterodimeric surface receptors . most extrcellular matrix proteins such as fibronectin , osteopontin , collagen type i , bone sialoprotein and vitronectin contain an arg - gly - asp ( rgd ) sequence which is specific to the fixation of cell membrane receptors like integrin . the main aim of this research is to measure , assess adhesion , proliferation of rabbit marrow stromal cells ( mscs ) on the polymers coated by fibronectin , collagen type i or biotie gen , which includes : ( 1 ) biologic characteristics of rabbit mscs were observed by two types of separating method in primary culture . ( 2 ) adhesion , proliferation and differentiation of mscs cultured on polymers coated with biotiegen were assessed . ( 3 ) also , adhesion , proliferation and differentiation of mscs were assessed on plga film or porous plga substrates coated with fibronectin , or collagen type i respectively . ( 4 ) bone formation was observed on the porous plga substrates coated with collagen type i in vivo . this research aims to give new way to make novel synthetic bone with cell adhesion and high bone induction capabilities
    因此将这些蛋白包被、固定到材料表面,观察骨组织工程种子细胞mscs细胞的粘附、生长特性是本研究的中心环节,并从以下方面进行探讨: ( 1 )采用不同原代细胞分离方法,研究其对mscs细胞的生物学特性影响。 ( 2 )检测基因胜肽胶对mscs细胞粘附、增殖及分化的影响。 ( 3 )分别采用型胶原及纤维粘连蛋白( fibronectin , fn )包被聚乙醇酸-乳酸共聚物( poly ( 1actide - co - glycolide ) , plga )膜及多孔块型plga材料,观察细胞在单层或三维培养状态下,型胶原及fn对mscs细胞粘附、增殖及向成骨细胞分化效应及能力。
  15. Conclusion one mechanism of wmt on aso may be its inhibition on arteriosclerosis by way of downregulating the expression of vascular endothelial cells adhesion molecules to decrease the adhesion of monocyte to vec , therefore to inhibit the monocytes migrating into vascular intima to develop foam cells
  16. It interacts with endothelial cells , mediates a number of cellular responses including cell adhesion and invasion , and is translocated to the cell nucleus where it may act on its putative rna substrate . clinical application of angiogenin is closely associated with its potent angiogenic activity
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