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  1. Conclusion one mechanism of wmt on aso may be its inhibition on arteriosclerosis by way of downregulating the expression of vascular endothelial cells adhesion molecules to decrease the adhesion of monocyte to vec , therefore to inhibit the monocytes migrating into vascular intima to develop foam cells . 2007 vol
  2. P120ctn is a more newly found catenin , studies revealed that it is also an important molecule in e - cadherin mediated cell - cell adhesion , and phosphorylated tyrosine in p120ctn were evidenced . translocation of p120ctn occurred in cancer cells and tissues . evidences showed that there were a key relationship between p120ctn translocation and tumoregenesis
    P120 ~ ( ctn )是发现得较晚的一种连环蛋白,研究发现它也参与上皮钙粘蛋白介导的细胞粘附过程并且不可缺少,同时p120 ~ ( ctn )也和-连环蛋白一样易于酪氨酸残基磷酸化,磷酸化后的p120 ~ ( ctn )也发生转位,并与肿瘤的发生发展有密切关系。
  3. The members of src family are non - receptor tyrosine kinases . their make an important function in a complex network of intracellular signals , such as cell growth , proliferation , transformation , apoptosis , and cell adhesion , migration . the fact that src was discovered as an oncogene suggests that src could closely involvement in cancer
    而今, src已发展成为包括九个成员在内的激酶家族,隶属于非受体酪氨酸激酶,是细胞信号转导途径中一类重要的信号分子,调控细胞的生长,增殖,凋亡,细胞黏附与迁移等一系列功能。
  4. 1 - . studies on the inhibition of angiogenic properties by monoclonal antibody against integrin endothelial cell adhesion and migration are important processes during angiogenesis . the capacity of endothelial cells to recognize and migrate in response to the extracellular matrix ( ecm ) depends on one or more members of the integrin family of cell adhesion receptors
    血管新生的过程依赖于参与血管生成的细胞因子和细胞粘附的协同作用,整合素( integrin )是一组细胞表面受体,介导细胞-细胞间、细胞-基质间的相互作用,对内皮细胞的粘附、迁移、增殖起重要作用。
  5. Alterations in glycosylation have been proposed to participate in cell adhesion , receptor activation , cell differentiation and tissue morphogenesis . because the early embryo is composed of cells that must adhere to other embryonic cells , it seems likely that glycans modulating this adhesion would have been indispensable for early development . genetic elimination or partial abrogation of expression of some major classes of glycans , such as n - glycans , glycosphingolipids , hyaluronan and sialic acids , has been shown to be lethal during murine embryogenesis
    胚胎发育过程中伴随着细胞表面糖链表达水平及结构的改变,研究表明这些改变参与介导了胚胎细胞之间的粘附联系,因此,糖链对于胚胎正常发育是必须的,一些糖链结构(如n -连接糖链,糖鞘脂,透明质酸,唾液酸等)的表达缺失能导致小鼠死亡于胚胎的早期发育阶段。
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  7. There was no difference in other biologic characteristic of mscs between the two separation method , such as cell anchorage ratio and clone formation ratio . ( 2 ) plga film presented uniformity frame with no protuberance and fissure under scanning electron microscopy ( sem ) . big aperture with smooth wall and average 400 m i n size running - through each other was observed in porous plga substrate , around the big aperture there were many round micropores about 5 m size . all of the structure were equal and uniform , which satisfied the further research work . ( 3 ) mscs adhesion at earlier time was promoted by biotiegenrafter 3h , cell number was ( 1 . 5 0 . 18 ) 105 in the plga film coated with biotiegen group , which was significantly higher than that in plga film group ( p < 0 . 01 ) and higher than that in coverslip group ( p < 0 . 05 ) , which cell number was ( 1 . 04 0 . 21 ) 105 . after 6h and 12h biotiegen could not promote cell adhesion , and cell proliferation and alkaline phosphatase ( alp ) activity were not promoted dramatically during 9 days . ( 4 ) cell adhesion was promoted by fibronectin or collagen type i
    G ) i型胶原、纤维粘连蛋白促进细胞增殖,细胞接种后3 、 6 、 gd三个检测时间点,实验组细胞均明显高于对照组。与1型胶原相比,纤维粘连蛋白刺激作用更强。 ) i型胶原、纤维粘连蛋白尚能诱导mscs细胞向成骨细胞分化,不仅表达成骨细胞标志物ocn 、 alp 、 opnmrna ,而且碱性磷酸酶活性明显增高,碱性磷酸酶及钙结节7第四军医大学博士学位论文一染色均强阳性, i型胶原组mscs细胞碱性磷酸酶活性较fn组更高,有显著性差异;同时,兔疫组化染色表明,经纤维粘连蛋白作用的mscs1型胶原表达阳性。
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