1. In 1889 1890 Charsley's had forty-seven undergraduates, while Turrell's, the only other private hall, had seven.
  2. In 1899, Charsley held the rank of inspector in the Hackney Carriage Department of the Birmingham police when he was appointed Chief Constable of Coventry.
  3. Chris Charsley became the first Small Heath player to play for Ireland on 27 February at Aston Villa's ground in Perry Barr, Birmingham.
  4. Charsley and Will Devey represented the Birmingham Association against Liverpool and District at Anfield; Ted Devey was also selected, but was unable to play.
  5. Between 1865 and 1869, he lectured in philosophy and modern history at one of the private halls attached to the university, Charsley's Hall.
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  7. Short scored early in the second half, but the forwards lacked composure in front of goal, and despite Charsley's best efforts, Grimsby scored twice.
  8. Born in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Hollis deputised as England international Chris Charsley, an amateur whose career in the Birmingham City Police entailed his frequent absence from footballing duties.
  9. Charsley put up a good performance playing on the winning side for the Midlands against a Lancashire and the North XI in a trial match for the Football League representative team.
  10. Charsley's Hall had no published tuition fees, members electing their tutors and making their own arrangements for payment, but in general the terms were higher than elsewhere.
  11. The same newspaper suggested that were it not for the " grand player " Charsley's " magnificent display, the Birmingham club would have met with a severe thrashing ".
  12. Later on, Charsley held on to the ball in a scrimmage and needed the assistance of Sheffield Wednesday full-back Tom Brandon to keep from carrying the ball over the line.
  13. He founded Charsley's Hall, a new Permanent Private Hall at Oxford in 1856 and was the licensed Master of it until 1891, when he was succeeded by Charles Abdy Marcon.
  14. Charsley had little to do, as England won the match 6 1, but a series of four saves in quick succession " demonstrated his ability between the sticks to everyone's satisfaction ".
  15. A collection in the hall raised cash and pledges to the value of ?2 10s, and supporters contributed generously to the public appeal . and the club offered the services of goalkeeper Chris Charsley to Aston Villa.
  16. By the end of 1891 the name of Charsley's had disappeared, as the mastership of the hall was taken over by Charles Abdy Marcon and it thus took his name as " Marcon's Hall ".
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