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  1. The last charter commission took more than two years to submit a charter to the voters.
  2. He is also a member of the Earth Charter Commission and Steering Committee . . ."
  3. Cellucci was first elected to public office as a member of the Hudson Charter Commission in 1970.
  4. He joined the City Charter Commission, and in 1929 was appointed to the State Road Board.
  5. He also instituted the United Way of America in Alexandria and in 1973 chaired the Alexandria Charter Commission.
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  7. Meanwhile, the mayor appointed various colleagues and political supporters to the charter commission, which embarked on an ambitious agenda.
  8. In a press release announcing the lawsuit, the Council dismissed the charter commission as " a sham ."
  9. By 1932, Milano had become one of the top American Mafia bosses in the country and a charter Commission member.
  10. Chipman was also a member of Portland's Charter Commission from 2009-2010, which rewrote the City Charter.
  11. Frederick A . O . Schwarz, former chairman of the New York City Charter Commission, spoke on behalf of Feeney.
  12. Who needs a Charter Commission to propose a campaign reform package less bold than the one already offered by the City Council?
  13. And the charter commission's lofty ideals can be thwarted, because you're so bound by population ."
  14. A decision on how to proceed with the salaries could come at the next Home Rule Charter Commission meeting Aug . 5.
  15. The charter commission should put its civic duty ahead of loyalty to Giuliani and stop trying to restitch city government on the fly.
  16. So this Charter Commission was considering a referendum asking voters to approve a mayoral election 60 days after the public advocate becomes mayor.
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