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  1. This week more than 200, 000 members of the computer world have descended on Las Vegas for the 18th annual Comdex fall trade show, where daily keynote speeches by industry luminaries discuss scintillating issues like " open standards-based computing with a horizontal market model ."
  2. Before they got to see a single new gadget among the 2, 000-plus exhibits at this year's Comdex fall computer show, attendees heard two speeches that promised an expansion of the Windows operating system beyond its current stronghold on the world's desktops, an implied rebuttal to the critics of Microsoft Corp.
  3. c . 2000 San Francisco Chronicle Las Vegas _ Bill Gates and Michael Dell delivered spirited arguments in defense of the technology that made them billionaires _ the PC _ but once again, as has been the case in recent years, new " post-PC " products generated the biggest excitement as the annual Comdex Fall computer trade show got under way Monday.
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