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  • 补偿网络


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  1. Buried zener - based references are frequently used for 12 - bit , 14 - bit , and higher resolution systems because the performance of the buried zener - based references can be extended by incorporating nonlinear temperature compensation networks into the design
    在设计中使用非线性温度补偿网络,掩埋齐纳二极管基准的性能可以进一步提升,因此掩埋齐纳二极管基准经常用于12位、 14位和更高分辨率的系统中。
  2. The best approximations algorithm is just the method which can solve the mini - max solution of the least value of frequency deviation . because of the reason above , in this paper the best approximations algorithm is introduced into calculating the parameters of atcxo compensation network for the first time


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