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  • 公司债券
  • corporation:    n. 1.团体;协会,公会;法人;( ...
  • bond:    n. 〔废语〕农奴;奴隶。 adj. ...
  • s corporation:    小型企业公司; 小有限公司


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  1. Secondly , this paper analyses the market condition , varieties , ipo system and organizational investors of the corporation bond in the united states , japan and germany respectively
  2. Since the real scope of such research is quite broad , this paper chooses just one aspect in order to make the research target more specific , and that is to make a research on the pricing of domestic corporation bonds
  3. Firstly it puts forward the opinion that the regulation of corporation bond market in china is a comprehensive governmental regulation , and then applies the theory about market failure to analyze the failure of corporation bond market in china
  4. Through the analysis , considering the difficulty of forecasting the expected cash flow , and the real situation of the domestic corporation bonds , the object of the research is finally decided to be normal corporation bonds without embed option
  5. It has been demonstrated that by developing corporation bonds market and descending the percentage of financial assets of banks to gdp it could enhance the capability of the entire society to resist the financial risks


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