felt after造句

"felt after"是什么意思   


  1. jane : how did eddie feel after being criticized by the boss
  2. two hearts beating nurse : how do you feel after your operation
  3. reporter : david, how did you feel after winning the first set in the tiebreaker
  4. the two countries are feeling after a solution to the trade brush between them
  5. do you know david ? how did he feel after winning the first set in the tiebreaker
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  7. fr { sections is made from fiberglass felt after drawing and squeezing
  8. “ the real pressure felt after empoli was not the defeat in itself but our status in the table
  9. he has already revealed how he felt after finishing behind ronaldinho in the world player of the year awards
  10. i have the feeling after this meeting that there are still many problems to be solved . i will try my best
  11. there also is what feeling after been drink, i drank about 3 days, not thin, do not hold to really finally, drank too hard
  12. for example, we remember the elation felt after winning a game of basketball we played with some friends on a crisp spring day
  13. sign in the refugio which expresses how many of us felt after all those kilometers-legless ! the road sign at the entry to santiago
  14. in princess drubetskoy's case, however, he felt after her new appeal something akin to a conscience-prick
  15. depending on play, the air inside a pressurized ball will slowly force its way through the core and cover, making for a “ flat ” feel after so many months
  16. a new study has linked heart problems in some americans to how they felt after the terrorist attacks against the united states in two thousand one
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