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  1. It's time to plan a party _ for Julia Child.
  2. Interesting times for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and " Watching Ellie ."
  3. Don't expect a " Notting Hill " sequel for Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
  4. It's a tough order, but for Julia Stiles it's all in a day's work.
  5. Schegloff described the quest for Julia Roberts'age as a courtship ritual between Baldwin and Shanley.
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  7. As time goes by, William's love for Julia revives.
  8. At the same time he had feelings for Julia.
  9. "The word for Julia is resilient, " he says.
  10. She has since presented the LBC 97.3 afternoon show as a substitute for Julia Hartley-Brewer.
  11. Eventually, Sean gives his legal permission for Julia to leave the country with the kids.
  12. Then she turned to " Vivienne, " for Julia Roberts'character in " Pretty Woman ."
  13. Philostratus wrote the book for Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus and mother of Caracalla.
  14. It is named for Julia Ann Baker, the third wife and widow of Levi Baker.
  15. Amy, trying to escape from her home life during summer, starts helping Dianne care for Julia.
  16. MOIVE-SWEETHEART _ ATLANTA _ The setting for Julia Roberts'" America's Sweethearts " is a press junket.
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