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  1. For more than two decades , mr . smith has been in command of that very successful enterprise
  2. Bagration had sent zherkov to the general in command of the left flank with orders to retreat immediately
  3. She had opportunities of sending her letters to the grand duke konstantin pavlovitch , who was in command of the guards
  4. 2 graduates of college departments of sciences or with equivalent education in command of one foreign language
  5. Through the information - based construction of few decades , we have already constructed to have many in command of automations
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  7. A man may be in command of any number of facts and be brilliant at his job without necessarily being an educated person
  8. The general in command of the regiment , on every occasion such as this , ran forward , afraid of missing a single word the commander - in - chief might utter regarding the regiment
  9. 1492 christopher columbus left palos de la frontera in sw spain on his famous westward voyage , in command of 3 ships with a crew of less than 100
  10. Between the cannons on the height stood the general in command of the rear - guard and an officer of the suite scanning the country through a field - glass
  11. Anderson was in command of my boat , and instead of keeping the crew in order , he grumbled as loud as the worst . well , he said , with an oath , it s not for ever
  12. Prince andrey was in command of a regiment ; and the management of the regiment , the welfare of his men , the necessity of receiving and giving orders occupied his mind
  13. It is plain that the man does not love his sovereign , and desires the ruin of us all , who advises peace to be concluded and the minister to be put in command of the army
  14. The red - nosed captain timohin , once the officer in command of dolohovs company , now in the lack of officers promoted to the command of a battalion , came shyly into the barn
  15. The officer in command of the foremost regiment was greatly astounded on the order being brought him from the commander - in - chief to send a flying line of sharpshooters in advance
  16. In his absence he had been promoted to be captain , and when the regiment was being made ready with reinforcements for active service , he was again put in command of his old squadron
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