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"in the catbird seat"是什么意思   


  1. That seemed laughable two weeks ago when they were undefeated and sitting in the catbird seat.
  2. They are in the catbird seat when it comes to the potential for increased defense spending.
  3. The latest gift from the grapevine has the former UMass coach in the catbird seat at Michigan.
  4. So, as Red Barber used to say, you should be sitting in the catbird seat.
  5. The phrase " In the catbird seat " was among the numerous folksy expressions used by Barber.
  6. It's difficult to find in the catbird seat in a sentence. 用in the catbird seat造句挺难的
  7. On the fight with Congress over the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Berger was in the catbird seat.
  8. "He's in the catbird seat, " said former Gephardt aide Laura Nichols.
  9. The insubordinate was now in the catbird seat, and with a clear mandate : centralize the entire company.
  10. "` So why does Red Barber say the Dodgers, they are in the catbird seat ?'
  11. In the glow of the moment, Twardzik added, " We're sitting in the catbird seat.
  12. You'd think I'd be in the catbird seat as far as reaping the benefits of technology.
  13. In introducing the X5, its first sport utility, in December, BMW found itself in the catbird seat.
  14. "That's why Mesa ( Air Group ) and SkyWest are in the catbird seat,"
  15. "I was in the catbird seat, " said Rosenblatt, 56, while visiting Harvard last week.
  16. Maybe he's remembering that he still gets one more chance to sit in the catbird seat with other celebrities.
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