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  • 椎芯内的
  • core:    n. 1.果心。 2.(事物、问题等 ...
  • core:    CORE =Congress of ...
  • the core:    地心浩劫; 地心毁灭; 地心末日; ...


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  1. Nuclear power plants - in - core instrumentation - characteristics and test methods of self - powered neutron detectors ; amendment 1
  2. In order to meet the needs for measuring the coolant water flow rate in - core of a nuclear heating reactor , two types of turbine flow meter with low rotation speed have been developed in our institute
  3. 4 ) this thesis presents two pc - based streamline visualization methods for large unstructured grids : memory - mapped file method ( mmfm ) and multithread out - of - core method ( mtom ) . mmfm constructs streamlines like in - core methods through mapping large data file into virtual ram , and reduces page faults by organizing data in spatial blocks
    4 )针对大规模非结构网格,提出了两种基于pc的流线可视化方法:内存映像文件方法( mmfm )和多线程out - of - core方法( mtom ) 。
  4. Yingxian wooden pagoda has favorable aseismatic capability , as it used similar modern core - in - core structure , and fixed many batter brace make it become modern rigid reinforced floors in every hidden floor , and slope of bearing post made it that the level and uprightness frame integrate tightly . under the deadweight , every structural floors form centripetal force . those earthquake resistant measures resist many the strong destroy of earthquake in history
  5. This algorithm can identify and choose in - core or out - of core algorithm based on different scale of computation and cluster during each computing phase . and parallelization during each phase is implemented . this algorithm can solve the residual equations parallelly and the current data distribution of residual equations does not change
    ( 4 )给出了一种可以在计算的每一个阶段根据不同的计算规模和机群规模,自动识别选用内存或外存算法的边界元子域并行算法;实现了各主要计算步骤的并行化;对于剩余方程组的并行求解,算法可以在不改变当前数据分布状态下,实行并行求解。


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