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  1. On the basis of research on pumping station in changzhi iron and steel limited group company and analysis and research on the basic capability of industry control computer plc and state view software , this article adopt the systems analysis method to establish the frame of pumping station supervisory system based on " king view " , and propose the project to develop the distributed control system of pumping station ( ipc + plc ) using " king view " as supervisory software and siemens s7 - 200 as hypogynous machine
    在对长治钢铁公司泵站进行调研,对工业控制计算机可编程序控制器及组态王监控软件基本性能特点进行充分分析和研究的基础上,本文以系统分析的方法,构建了基于“组态王”的泵站监测系统框架,提出了以“组态王”为监控软件,可编程序控制器( plc )采用西门子s7 ? 200系列做为下位机的泵站分布式控制系统? ? ( ipc + plc系统)方案。
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