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  1. Among the best-known authors who have published with Arte Publico are poet Sandra Cisneros and novelists Ana Castillo and Julia Alvarez.
  2. Among them : Grammy-winning Christina Aguilera in music, Tina Ramirez in dance, Julia Alvarez in literature and Jennifer Gutierrez in sports.
  3. _Though less heralded, Julia Alvarez's " Something to Declare " ( Algonquin, $ 20.95 ) promises excellence.
  4. Four young Hispanic women in particular have caught the eyes of publishers and readers alike : Julia Alvarez, Ana Castillo, Denise Chavez and Sandra Cisneros.
  5. Writers who regard Anaya as a mentor, including Denise Chavez and Julia Alvarez, had previously signed deals with major publishers that paved the way for Anaya.
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  7. Julia Alvarez, a novelist, wrote a poem that achingly captured her remembrance of how her neighbors in Jamaica were alarmed by blacks coming into the community.
  8. BOOKS-ALVAREZ _ Review of Julia Alvarez'" Something to Declare : Essays . " ( Scott, Atlanta Journal-Constitution ) . 17.
  9. "Ironically, that's what poetry is about, " says novelist-poet Julia Alvarez . " It is about being at a loss for words.
  10. Their story was made into a 2001 movie based on Julia Alvarez's book " In the Time of the Butterflies . " It was filmed in Mexico.
  11. Here are some of the best titles released in the past few weeks : " Yo ! " by Julia Alvarez ( Plume, $ 12.95)
  12. Julia Alvarez has just sat through a culinary celebration of the Dominican Republic roots she explores in her novels " How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents,"
  13. Then came the Latino literary renaissance started by Cisneros, Oscar Hijuelos, and Julia Alvarez in the early 1990s and continued by a new generation lead by Junot Diaz.
  14. "Why be afraid of us, Mrs . Bush ? " said Julia Alvarez, reciting a poem she wrote about the " disinvitation ."
  15. Julia Alvarez's novel " How the Garc韆 Girls Lost Their Accents " opens in 1989 with one of the characters returning to her Native Dominican Republic.
  16. Julia Alvarez is the nationally recognized author of " In the Time of the Butterflies " and " How the Garc韆 Girls Lost Their Accents ".
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