later zhou造句


  1. By 956, Southern Tang was under serious attack by its northern neighbor Later Zhou.
  2. The Later Zhou army then attacked Li Jingda's army, and it collapsed.
  3. Soon, the wall was complete, and the Later Zhou army began its assault.
  4. The Later Zhou army pillaged the city, and more than 10, 000 died.
  5. The Later Zhou dynasty attacked Liao positions in 958 in an attempt to regain the Sixteen Prefectures.
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  7. In spring 956, after continuous Later Zhou victories, including capturing Jiangdu in a surprise attack,
  8. In the stories, he married Princess Chai, a descendant of Emperor Shizong of Later Zhou.
  9. The officials of the later Zhou deemed it as irreversible and did nothing but accepted the reality.
  10. The Later Zhou forces sieging Shou took this opportunity to attack and crush Li Jingda's army.
  11. After capturing Shou, Guo Rong, now again personally commanding the Later Zhou army, approached Jiangdu.
  12. The dui functioned and was created in the Late Zhou dynasties and Warring States period in early China.
  13. Emperor Yuanzong, who was fearful of Later Zhou forces, decided to follow Song's strategy.
  14. The Chinese were also making pig iron by the later Zhou Dynasty ( which ended in 256 BC ).
  15. "New History of the Five Dynasties " covers the Later Han, and Later Zhou dynasties.
  16. Guo Rong, posthumously known as Emperor Shizong of Later Zhou, was the adoptive son of Guo Wei.
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