lateral velocity中文什么意思

发音:   用"lateral velocity"造句
  • 横向流速
  • 横向速度


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  1. Owing to complicated earth ' s surface condition such as the steep stratum outcropping of front - zone of mountain or the huge thick gravel stratum ' s overlay and earth ' s surface large undulation , complicated underground geology structure developed extremely such as thrust and overthrust nappe , and violent change of the lateral velocity , etc . in front - zone of mountain there are a series of problems such as serious secondary disturbance and low signal - to - noise ratio in seismic exploration gathering
  2. Author , secondly , starts from the approximate expandness of square root operator , perform mathematical calculations for finite difference operator in frequency - space domain , fourier finite difference operator in mixing domain ( frequency - space and frequency - wavenumber domain ) and general screen operator in mixing domain , compare and discuss their precision of their wavefield , adaptability for lateral velocity variations , computation efficiency and stability . thirdly , author , applies the steady variational reference slowness rytov approximation general screen wavefield extrapolation operator ( vrselrf ) in frequency - wavenumber domain , to the prestack and poststack forward modeling and depth migration


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