layer after中文什么意思

发音:   用"layer after"造句
  • layer重重叠叠
  • layer:    n. 1.放置者,铺设者,计划者。 ...
  • after:    adv. 在后;继后;后来。 fol ...
  • after that:    从这以后(用一般现在时); 然后; ...


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  1. Ah , the examination of the karmic records of those ascending in human form offer up layer after layer of history at cause
  2. So she put it on , one layer after another . her small son was watching and said , " mother , what are you doing ?
  3. The machines continue to tear apart a planet , stripping away layer after layer until there is nothing left to consume
  4. The game introduce : you have to stay away sharp rock , weird marine life and layer after layer and difficult to cross , has been floating upwards , the spirit bubble is your nutrition
  5. The spray lands on a metal cylinder that is spinning at 7 , 000 revolutions per minute , wrapping around it in layer after gossamer - thin layer until the result is a light , elastic material


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