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  1. When you embed an object or create a link to it using object linking and embedding ( ole ) , that ' s just what happens
    使用对象链接和嵌入( ole )创建对象链接或嵌入对象,就可达到此目的。
  2. In object linking and embedding ( ole ) , information such as a chart or text that is shared among different documents and different programs
    在对象链接和嵌入( ole )中,不同文档和程序间共享的信息,诸如图表或文本。
  3. Ado encapsulates the ole db ( object linking and embedding database ) technology to provide true object - oriented access to complex data objects .
    Ado中封装有oledb (对象链接和嵌入数据库)技术,可完全面向对象地访问复杂的数据对象。
  4. Creating links and embedding objects are the methods that are most useful when information that ' s common to two different files needs to be updated frequently
  5. While it is possible to have both linked and embedded resources in a single project , in most cases you will want to choose one option for all of the resources in your project
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  7. Starting from the component object model ( com ) technique , the paper introduces the mapx activex based on the ole ( object linking and embedding ) technique , a component gis
    从组件对象模型( com )技术出发,介绍了建立在对象链接与嵌入技术基础上的gis控件? ? mapx 。并在visualc + + 6
  8. Control uses tabbing logic from microsoft pocket internet explorer to allow the user to navigate to different links and embedded controls on the web site shown by the control
    控件使用microsoft pocket internet explorer中的tab键导航逻辑来允许用户定位到由控件显示的网站上的不同链接和嵌入式控件。
  9. Then in your web page , link to the excel file and microsoft internet explorer web browser displays your worksheet by using the ole ( object linking and embedding ) document technology .
    然后在web页中链接excel文件, microsoftinternetexplorerweb浏览器就可使用ole (对象链接和嵌入)文档技术显示此工作表。
  10. Also , the use of ole ( object linking and embedding ) technology makes system ' s input and output more easily and flexible , shares data with other applications and achieves visual results
    同时,使用ole ( objectlinkingandembedding )技术极大地方便和丰富了系统的输入、输出、实现了数据共享和结果的可视化。
  11. Component object model is an open software architecture that allows interoperability between an object broker com server and object linking and embedding applications com clients
    组件对象模型( com )是一个开放的软件结构,它允许对象中间装置( com服务器)与对象链接和嵌入应用程序( com客户端)之间的互操作性。
  12. Ole ( object linking and embedding ) for process control ( opc ) is an open industrial - standard that is defined by a number of leading automation hardware and software suppliers working in cooperation with microsoft
    Opc ( oleforprocesscontrol )是在微软的协助下,由世界上领先的跨国自动化公司和软硬件供应商合作开发的一套工业标准。
  13. Ole db and ado support provides a better way to connect to microsoft sql server ( tm ) client - server database management system , and nonrelational object linking and embedding database ( ole db ) providers
    Oledb和ado支持是连接microsoftsqlserver ( tm )客户机/服务器数据库管理系统和非关系对象链接和嵌入数据库( oledb )提供程序的最佳途径。
  14. In object linking and embedding ( ole ) , establishing a connection between programs , so that information such as a chart or text in a container document can be updated whenever that information changes in the source document
    在对象链接和嵌入( ole )中,由于建立了程序间的连接,使得容器文档中诸如图表或文本类信息能随源文档中该信息的更新而更新。
  15. ( 4 ) opc ( ole for process control ) , which is the application of microsoft ' s object linking and embedding technology in process control system , provides a unified standard for object - oriented design in industrial automation software
    ( 4 ) opc ( oleforprocesscontrol )是微软公司的对象链接和嵌入技术在过程控制方面的应用,为工业自动化软件面向对象的开发提供一项统一的标准。
  16. Abstract : this paper introduced the development environment and method tothe stamping technology and dies cad of revolving parts , and put forward some key technology , such as technological criterion , data management , object linking and embedding , and parametric drawing
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