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  1. What ' s more , with fundamental research , the following solutions were put forward : database connectivity technology , which can help to implement this system which works in client / server mode , the way of using ole ( object linking and embedding ) to solve the storage and retrieval problems of blob ( binary large object block ) data type and the method of directly giving the database system ' s operating purviews to right users with the application of dbms ' s authentication mechanism , which help to control database ' s access
  2. It describes the instruction procedure with computer programs , in the meantime , using the key techenology of multimedia interactivity , hyper text and ole ( object linking and embedding ) the base of the instrument analysis instructional software is according to teaching book of analytical chemistry ( 4th version , edited by yuqing sun ) , including basic theory , brief summary ? exercises , and experiment
    多媒体即多种信息的载体如数字、文字、声音、图形、图像、动画等。多媒体教学软件的开发属于计算机辅助教学( cai : computerassistedinstruction )的一部分,计算机辅助教学就是把教学过程用计算机程序进行描述,同时,引入多媒体素材的集成与交互控制、超文本链接方式、嵌入与链接等关键技术。
  3. The core parts of com technologies is discussed , and it is also noted that the paper expatiates software technologies concerning components - based development which include components objects model ( com ) , distributed components object model ( dcom ) , objects linking and embedding ( ole ) , as well as activex , and analyzes the application of these technologies in gis
    文中讨论了com的核心部分,并阐述与组件式软件技术相关的组件对象模型( com ) 、分布式组件对象模型( dcom ) 、对象连接与嵌入( ole )和activex等内容,并分析了这些技术在gis中的应用。
  4. Ole for process control ( opc ) , which is the application of microsoft ' s object linking and embedding ( ole ) technology in process control system , is the standard interface protocal for connecting the data sources with the client application of the process control . it can greatly inhance the interoperability among control systems , field devices and business applications in the process control industry
    Opc ( oleforprocesscontrol )是微软公司的对象链接和嵌入技术在过程控制方面的应用,是一种连接硬件装置或软件数据库等数据源与过程控制客户应用程序之间的标准化的接口协议,它可以显著地增强过程控制领域中的控制系统、现场设备、管理应用程序之间的互操作性。
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