many a day中文什么意思

发音:   用"many a day"造句
  • 好多日子, 许多天, 长时间里
  • many:    adj. (more; most) ...
  • day:    n. 1.日,一日。 2.节日;规定 ...
  • this many a day:    很久以来


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  1. That s the question i ve been propounding to myself for many a day - not concerning you merely , but concerning everybody
  2. Many a night and many a day had its inmates listened to the echoes in the corner , with hearts that failed them when they heard the thronging feet
  3. It is possible that tom s mental stomach had never really hungered for one of those prizes , but unquestionably his entire being had for many a day longed for the glory and the eclat that came with it
  4. Thus went out to the world " the high priests of mystery , " the wonder - dreamers , " the yardstick of the ego , " philosophy of illusion , " god and clod , " art and biology , " critics and test - tubes , " star - dust , " and " the dignity of usury , " - to raise storms and rumblings and mutterings that were many a day in dying down


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