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  1. These entities are mapped into the wmi object model so that they can be monitored by custom applications
  2. In dpcx , a user - defined partition of disk storage created by collecting bit maps into a group
    在分布处理控制执行程序( dpcx )中,将位图集中成一组构成的一种由用户定义的磁盘存储分区。
  3. The interface map denotes how an interface is mapped into the actual methods on a class that implements that interface
  4. An attempt to reference an address that is either not mapped into virtual memory or not accessible by the current access mode
  5. This is done because kernel cannot manipulate the memory if it is not mapped into its address space
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  7. For the most part , jax - rpc assumes that xml elements that occur in a soap message should be mapped into java objects
    大多数情况下, jax - rpc假定出现在soap消息中的xml元素都应该映射到java对象中去。
  8. Later , in section 5 . 4 . 1 , it then describes how these inherited java classes should be mapped into xml schema types
    接下来,在5 . 4 . 1节中,该规范然后描述应该如何将这些继承java类映射到xml schema类型:
  9. User ' s mqos requirements will all be ultimately mapped into the priorities of the threads ( processes ) which execute the operations
  10. Before filtering , the query words and page examples input by the user is analyzed and mapped into vectors ui too
    在过滤之前,由用户输入检索关键词和若干web页面作为样例,经分词抽取出用户的兴趣向量ui 。
  11. A matrix can be mapped into a matrix , filled with some element , transposed , and subjected to the usual mathematical operations
  12. The developer of the service might not want that to be mapped into a service interface that has , say , hundreds of individual parameters on it
  13. In his previous column , benoit marchal analyzed legacy data and showed how to map into a state - of - the art soap request
    在上一篇专栏文章中, benoit marchal分析了遗留数据,并说明如何映射到目前发展水平的soap请求中。
  14. If you re thinking of using rmi - iiop in a corba environment it would be worthwhile to see how idl maps into java and vice versa
    如果您想在corba环境中使用rmi - iiop ,那么看看idl如何映射成java以及java如何映射成idl是值得的。
  15. If a method on the sei uses this interface as an input parameter , it means that the incoming soap request message is not mapped into java types
  16. The specification then describes how explicit service contexts are mapped into the remote interface of a service , whereas implicit contexts are typically not
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