not in my lifetime造句

"not in my lifetime"是什么意思   


  1. Not in my lifetime . "'
  2. I don't expect to see that type of tandem in this game again, not in my lifetime ."
  3. Babbitt, 61, cautioned that the breakthrough in quake prediction would not come soon _ " not in my lifetime.
  4. I hate hearing what's newly amiss with me that will never be made right, least wise not in my lifetime.
  5. Asked when the next round of NFL expansion might occur, Tagliabue said, " Not in my lifetime or yours ."
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  7. "I was going to tell ( the media ) that we'll beat them some time down here, but not in my lifetime,"
  8. When a note detailing the idea reached GE chairman Jack Welch, he reportedly wrote " NOT IN MY LIFETIME " across the top.
  9. "Maybe in the future, they'll want to farm or do something with the land to make money, but not in my lifetime ."
  10. They say that one day we'll see two New York teams going over there to play _ yeah, sure, not in my lifetime ."
  11. They say that one day we'll see two New York teams going over there to play . . . yeah, sure, not in my lifetime.
  12. April, 1977 : Sadat Resistant _ Urged by President Jimmy Carter to make peace with Israel, Sadat responds : " Not in my lifetime ."
  13. Asked when she thought women would be hired to coach men's basketball, Rene Portland, the Penn State women's coach said, " Not in my lifetime ."
  14. "Not in my lifetime, " said the Rev . LeRoy Haynes Jr ., pastor of the 1, 500-member Carter Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Fort Worth.
  15. "It's way off in the future, certainly not in my lifetime, " said Brockett, now president of Sound Ocean Systems in Redmond, Wash . " Technically, it's feasible today.
  16. "These things have never happened here, not in my lifetime, " said Annelies Klarer, 67, who runs a sewing shop on a side street of this old Roman town.
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