on looking back中文什么意思

发音:   用"on looking back"造句
  • 蓦然回首
  • look:    vi. 1.看,注视,盯 (at). ...
  • back:    n. 1.背,背部;背脊;背面,反面 ...
  • looking back:    回眸


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  1. I have often thought since on looking back over that strange time that it was that small act , trivial in itself , that striking of that match , that determined the whole aftercourse of both our lives . a polished period
  2. People were frightened at the time , but on looking back they rather liked it ; it was a fine excitement in a quiet country life ; and there was even a party of the younger me who pretended to admire him , calling him a true sea - dog , and a real old salt , and suchlike names , and saying there was the sort of man that made england terrible at sea
    人们当时是受了惊吓,可回过头来看,他们相当喜欢这样。在安静的乡村生活中,这是很好的兴奋剂。这里甚至有一群年轻人声称崇拜他,称他是“货真价实的船员” “真正的老水手” ,以及诸如此类的称呼,还说正是因为有他这样的人,英格兰才称雄海上。
  3. This dissertation , strategic alliance - competitive advantage - sustainable competitive advantage , is to discuss how to create strategic alliance competitive advantage for firms and therefore form a theoretical framework . an overall point of view , that is , strategic alliance is essentially a kind of organizing ability , is based on looking back on the theories and studies on strategic alliance including the concepts and classification


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