on the low side中文什么意思

发音:   用"on the low side"造句
  • 价格偏低
  • 偏低
  • low:    vi.,vt. (牛)哞哞地叫;哞哞 ...
  • side:    n. 1.(左右上下等的)边,侧面; ...
  • low side:    低端, 低侧; 低压侧; 下降侧


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  1. The tower is 55 . 86 meters tall on the lower side and 56 . 70 meters tall on the higher side
    这座塔较矮的一端高度为55 . 86公尺,较高的一端则为56 . 70公尺。
  2. Light winds conditions are expected for tomorrow and visibility will continue to remain on the low side
  3. This figure is on the low side compared to other categories of complaints in respect of tobacco control
  4. The output of domestic cartoon is on the low side , restrain the speciality from creating the forming of the colony
  5. Anyway , compared with the prices of similar products in the international market , our price has always been on the low side


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