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  • 超电势
  • 超电位
  • 超电压
  • 过电势
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  1. Oxygen diffusion transport and electrochemical reaction in the oxygen cathode of direct methanol fuel cell ( dmfc ) have been expressed with the tffa model . model calculation has been carried out to investigate the effects of structural parameters of the dmfc cathode on the electrode performance , which is respectively represented by the curve of cathode overpotential versus current density . much attention has been paid to parameters including the porosity of the reaction layer , the thickness of the thin - film on the flooded - agglomerate , the radius of the flooded - agglomerate , the volume fraction of the flooded - agglomerates in the reaction layer
    本文首先运用tffa模型描述直接甲醇燃料电池( dmfc )阴极氧气的传递和电化学反应过程,研究了过电位-电流密度曲线受阴极结构参数变化的影响程度,其中着重考虑了以下几个参数:催化层的孔隙率,浸渍聚集体薄膜的厚度,浸渍聚集体的半径,浸渍聚集体在催化层中的体积分数。
  2. Re also enhanced the deposition potential , polarizability and cathode overpotential of the baths , changed the result of chemical deposition reactions and actuate the deposit of cobalt alloy . and the chemical deposit co - b - re , co - ni - p - re alloy include re which electrode potential is much more negative was obtained . the structure of co - b - re was composed of microcrystal
    Re还提高了镀液的静止析出电位、极化度和阴极过电位,改变了化学沉积反应的强弱次序,加强了钴基合金的析出反应,成功地获得了含电极电位较负的re ( la , ce , y )的化学沉积co - b 、 co - ni - p薄膜。


    Overpotential is an electrochemical term which refers to the potential difference (voltage) between a half-reaction's thermodynamically determined reduction potential and the potential at which the redox event is experimentally observed.Bard, A.


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