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  • 氧等离子体


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  1. It is found that ito surface roughness decreased after oxygen plasma treatment , which can improve its wetting performance and consequently improve the film performance
    经氧等离子体处理后, ito薄膜的表面粗糙度减小,平整度提高,提高了ito薄膜表面的润湿性能,改善了有机物在其表面的成膜性能。
  2. The experiment result shows that with low - temperature oxygen plasma treatment , fabric ' s shrinkage and wettability have bettered a great deal , and fabric ' s breaking strength and breaking elongation is also increased in given condition
  3. The results show that amorphous carbon films have high etching resistance against oxygen plasma , and etch rates of the films correlated not only with etching processing parameters , also with deposition conditions
  4. In the present work , water plasma ion implantation , instead of the conventional oxygen plasma ion implantation , has been employed to fabricate soi materials . the masses of the three dominant ion species in the water vapor plasma , h2o + , ho + , and o + , are very close to each other , which overcome the problem of co - existence of o and 02 in oxygen plasma source . the oxygen depth profiles in the water plasma ion as - implanted silicon do not disperse much , which makes it possible for the formation of single buried oxide ( box ) layer by choosing appropriate implantation energy and dose
    本论文创造性地采用水等离子体离子注入方式代替传统的氧离子注入方式来制备soi结构材料,由于水等离子体中的三种离子h _ 2o ~ + 、 ho ~ +和o ~ +质量数相差很小,克服了氧等离子体中因o _ 2 ~ +和o ~ +质量数相差大而引起的氧在硅中的分布弥散,使注入硅后的氧射程分布相对集中,比较容易退火后形成soi结构材料。
  5. The chief results and conclusion thus arrived at are as folloes : ( 1 ) the morphology and electrical properties of indium - tin - oxide ( ito ) films which were treated respectively by ethanol , naoh , sulfuric and oxygen plasma , were studied from microscopic view by atomic force microscopy , x - ray photoelectron spectroscopy and goniometer
    ( 1 )利用原子力显微镜、接触角测试仪、紫外分光光度计从微观角度研究了乙醇、氢氧化钠、浓硫酸、氧等离子体处理对ito薄膜的表面性能和光电性能的影响。


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