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  1. In 2007, Holtschneider affirmed a 4 3 vote by DePaul University's Board on Promotion and Tenure ( a faculty board ) denying tenure to controversial political scientist Norman Finkelstein.
  2. He helped develop promotion and tenure policies for the College of Science and was instrumental in establishing a joint position between the colleges of science and education to create science education programs.
  3. And scientists will continue to publish their best work, even in journals neither they nor their libraries can afford, because prestigious publications are crucial to getting grants, promotion and tenure.
  4. -- Change hiring, promotion and tenure rules for faculty to emphasize teaching above all else and to encourage involvement in economic development and other service activities outside the university that benefit the state.
  5. Experiential activities are necessarily rewarded in post-secondary promotion and tenure systems ( except in certain extenuating situations ), and co-op faculty may be isolated from other faculty (; ).
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  7. He was appointed to a position in the Department of Sociology at Washington University, St . Louis, and published Telos from his office there until he was denied promotion and tenure in 1977.
  8. "' Academic visibility "'relates to the dissemination, accessibility, and recognition of scholarship produced by college faculty, especially in terms of promotion and tenure criteria and academic rank.
  9. Another section of the report says trustees failed " to ensure that faculty appointment, promotion and tenure decisions carefully correspond to published policies and criteria, " according to a seminary news release.
  10. As Vice Provost ( Academic Personnel ), Lai chaired the University Promotion and Tenure Committee and works with the Provost in academic personnel matters, performance evaluation, benchmarking, university resources and space allocation.
  11. He only says : " My medical practice style here at Emory has never changed since my arrival, and my career progression, including promotion and tenure, has been right on schedule ."
  12. The 1980s saw more Chicana / o Studies programs integrated into institutions of higher learning while it also created a " canonical approach " to its studies and " gatekeeping procedures " to evaluate promotions and tenure.
  13. In the early 1970s, after tensions inflamed by a failed attempt to unionize the Pace faculty, Lurier collaborated with mathematician William J . Adams to develop the Lurier Adams plan for faculty promotion and tenure decision-making at Pace.
  14. Given a faculty that had been lenient in granting tenure, he insisted on distinction in both teaching and research as criteria for promotion and tenure, personally reading tenure files on every case that came up in the university during his presidency.
  15. An educational resource successfully peer-reviewed and published through MedEdPORTAL is comparable to a peer-reviewed research paper published through a reputable print-based journal and should be considered a compelling scholarly contribution suitable to support promotion and tenure decisions.
  16. Jeffrey Beall concern was that " MDPI's warehouse journals contain hundreds of lightly-reviewed articles that are mainly written and published for promotion and tenure purposes rather than to communicate science . " Beall also claimed that MDPI used email spam to solicit manuscripts.
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