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  • reef:    n. 【航海】(便于减少受风面积的) ...
  • check:    n. 1.(象棋)将军(!),被将军 ...
  • reef:     reef1 n. 1.【 ...


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  1. Wwf is again forming a team to participate in the hong kong reef check 2006 and the details are shown as follows
  2. The hong kong 2001 reef check is part of a global survey and research programme to promote sustainable management of coral reefs
  3. This year wwf invites 8 - 12 recreational divers to form the wwf reef check team and undertakes an underwater survey on the coral habitat in hong kong
  4. Reef check is the largest international coral reef monitoring program involving recreational divers and marine scientists , and wwf has been participating in an annual event in hong kong since 1998
  5. In addition to the reef check , the department has commissioned a study on underwater survey in coastal waters of hong kong to extend knowledge and baseline information on coral communities in hong kong


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