1. ResidenSea officials said they would not sell to anyone with a criminal record.
  2. ResidenSea expects about half the owners to be North Americans and 40 percent Europeans.
  3. The World, owned by ResidenSea Ltd ., is registered in the Bahamas.
  4. Residensea, the company that hopes to launch the World, insists that it is.
  5. _World of ResidenSea : 800-970-6601; www . residensea . com
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  7. _World of ResidenSea : 800-970-6601; www . residensea . com
  8. And where will this ResidenSea journey?
  9. In addition to the leased units, ResidenSea will rent out 183 guest suites on the ship.
  10. At one time the cruise line ResidenSea had its headquarters in an unincorporated area in the county.
  11. For more information _ and a peek at apartment layouts _ access www . residensea . com on the Internet.
  12. Saville's, a London company, is handling sales there, and Residensea has its own sales office in Monte Carlo.
  13. ResidenSea is the brainchild of Knut Kloster Jr ., whose father founded Norwegian Caribbean Line, which later became Norwegian Cruise Line.
  14. ResidenSea's marketers take pains to distance their ship from the big, glitzy andmore mass-market vessels associated with the cruise industry.
  15. `The World of ResidenSea'is the creation of Norwegian Knut Kloster Jr, whose family pioneered the cruise industry back in the Sixties.
  16. Welcome to the World of ResidenSea, touted as the first oceangoing resort _ a bold new venture whose participants can tour the world without leaving home.
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