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  1. The students stay in a dormitory at Emerson College, where 13 resident advisers are on hand to supervise, Kennedy said.
  2. Market players have lingering concerns the central bank might waste these advantages when the IMF resident advisers leave the country next year.
  3. MIT officials acknowledged that drinking was sometimes a problem in dorms, but said they felt resident advisers could discourage alcohol use there.
  4. But many resident advisers see unionizing as a tool to get the university to listen to their complaints and to raise their wages.
  5. In 1979, he earned a bachelor's degree from The Catholic University of America where he served as a resident adviser.
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  7. At UMass the resident advisers'system works on an almost industrial model with hundreds of advisers taking orders from a hierarchy of administrators.
  8. The resident adviser, Dana Christmas, 21, remained in critical condition Wednesday with severe burns and has yet to speak with investigators.
  9. The only rumor I've heard is that I might be an R . A . ( a resident adviser at the dorm ).
  10. In response, Harvard University recently moved to hire more therapists, extend counseling hours and improve mental health training for faculty and resident advisers.
  11. Her crisis came last year when she was a resident adviser at a campus dorm and one of her charges was being beaten by a boyfriend.
  12. Jaime Boswell, 18, a resident adviser on the floor where Morrison lived, said she saw Morrison only a few hours before her death.
  13. Now that taboo is gone, " said Dr . Eddy Genece, resident adviser for the Washington-based AIDS Control and Prevention agency.
  14. The apartments, which are still in operation by Middle Georgia State University, are student-only units with resident advisers and security on site.
  15. Amy Lipton, a junior from Shaker Heights, Ohio, is a resident adviser on the all-female third floor of Shapiro Hall at Brandeis.
  16. University officials ridicule the notion that undergraduate advisers should be allowed to unionize, asserting that being a resident adviser is a privilege, not a job.
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