resident advisors造句


  1. If that doesn't work, go to your dorm's resident advisor for help.
  2. It was named the twelfth best album of the decade by " Resident Advisor ".
  3. It was named the 29th best album of the decade by " Resident Advisor ".
  4. Resident Advisor placed the record 29th on their list of the decade's top 100 albums.
  5. The mix was received with critical acclaim receiving 4.5 out of 5 on Resident Advisor.
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  7. It was also named the 16th best album of the decade by " Resident Advisor ".
  8. It was ranked # 1 album of the year by Resident Advisor, Mixmag, and Crack Mag.
  9. Jaar was voted # 1 Live Act on Resident Advisor for the 3 years he toured the record.
  10. The release received high praise from publications such as DJ Mag, Exclaim !, and Resident Advisor.
  11. The live show was charted by Resident Advisor as one of the twenty best live acts of 2012.
  12. Including Resident Advisor, Fact ( UK magazine ), Mixmag, Complex ( magazine ) and The Independent
  13. A review published in Resident Advisor called it " way more clever than your average thuggish bombast ".
  14. The disc received a largely positive response and was heralded by Resident Advisor as being among his finest work.
  15. Reynold's music has been well reviewed by international publications such as Resident Advisor and De : Bug.
  16. The smaller territories were then merged back as Kedah state with the military governors replaced by a Siamese Resident Advisor.
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