1. In most bees, the scopa is simply a particularly dense mass of elongated, often branched, hairs ( or setae ) on the hind leg.
  2. It is important to note that no points, including scopa points, are awarded mid-round; they are all calculated upon completion of the round.
  3. "Ceratina " are commonly dark, shining, even metallic bees, with fairly sparse body hairs and a weak scopa on the hind tibia.
  4. The subspecies " P . scopa " subsp . " scopa " has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.
  5. The subspecies " P . scopa " subsp . " scopa " has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.
  6. It's difficult to find scopa in a sentence. 用scopa造句挺难的
  7. This and many other " Hylaeus " species lack the scopa which some bees use to carry pollen, and instead carry it in their crops.
  8. Hellenistic art saw a turn from the idealistic, perfected, calm and composed figures of classical Greek art to a style dominated by Scopa's Pothos ).
  9. Watching a game of scopa can be a highly entertaining activity, since games traditionally involve lively, colorful, and somewhat strong-worded banter in between hands.
  10. Gavin Woods, who headed Parliament's Committee on Public Accounts ( Scopa ), told the court that they wanted a thorough investigation of the arms deal.
  11. Specifically, females will first regurgitate the nectar they have provisioned into the cell and then transfer the pollen that is attached to their scopa on top of the nectar.
  12. There are some bees which transport pollen internally in the crop, and these lack a scopa, as do cleptoparasitic bees, which do not gather their own pollen.
  13. According to Scopa, the group's carefree lifestyle probably conflicted with Rundgren's professional work ethic and schedule : " He doesn't put up with bullshit.
  14. When present on the hind legs, the modified hairs are, at a minimum, on the bumblebees, the scopa is replaced by the pollen basket ( corbicula ).
  15. The "'Centridini "'are a tribe of large scopa is very bushy, and the first flagellomere of the antenna is often longer than the scape.
  16. For that reason, if the current score is 10 to 9, and the team with 10 points captures the seven of coins or a scopa, the team cannot immediately claim victory.
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