1. Their song, " IF ", is featured on the Music game DJMax Portable 3 and DJMax Technika 3 by the South Korean company, Pentavision.
  2. As of June 19, 2014, 103 playable songs have been released for DJMAX Technika Q . Seven songs are playable without in-app purchases.
  3. The name " Rosomak " ( Polish for " Wolverine " ) was chosen following a contest organized by the Nowa Technika Wojskowa magazine.
  4. Nikolaus Karpf, who entered the company in 1934, designed the first Technika model, the world's first all-metal folding field camera, the same year.
  5. It was built in 1982 and the name originates from a mining company called Poltegor ( an acronym for " Polska Technika G髍nicza ", " Polish Mining Technics " ).
  6. It's difficult to find technika in a sentence. 用technika造句挺难的
  7. Richta's first work was " lovk a technika v revoluci naaich dno " ( " Man and Technology in the Revolution of Our Day " ), published in 1963.
  8. In 2012 2013, the turnover of the two largest enterprises of Corporation " Proekt-technika " ( ShZSA and Oreltekmash ) totaled up to 2.20 billion and 700 million rubles respectively.
  9. In his last 20 years ( until 1970 ), he used simultaneously, a Linhof Technika and-at that time press photographers were very popular in the USA-a Graflex Speed Graphic camera.
  10. The fourth DJMax Mobile game, " "'DJMax Technika Q " "'was developed by Planet Team, the reunion of earlier Pentavision team member and published by Neowiz Internet.
  11. These additional items are a " TECHNIKA IC Card : Black Square Edition ", a " Black Square " limited package cover and a " NB Ranger " 3D paper figure.
  12. However, unlike the fever modes of other games in the DJMAX Technika series, fever mode in this game is limited to two activations per song by default, upgradable to a maximum of three activations per song.
  13. Baltijos Automobilius Technika, a Siemens AG subsidiary, makes electrical wiring for Renault cars sold in Western Europe, while Samsung Electronics Co . of South Korea uses a Lithuanian company to make television parts for the European market.
  14. Juraevskis love to play 5-minute blitz games culminated in writing a 14-page booklet in Latvian " " Piecu minka歶 partijas technika un taktika " " ( Five Minute Game Technique and Tactics ), Memmingen, 1946.
  15. A Lens Board Adapter Accessory permits the use of large-format camera lenses fitting Linhof Technika type lens boards, but the shutter of these lenses is not controlled by the Fuji GX680, so only Bulb-Speed can be used.
  16. DJMax Technika Q introduces 4 original songs that are only obtainable through buying a " Complete Set " in DJMAX Technika Q . After November 21, 2013, players can buy 4 songs per pack starting with music pack no . 14.
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