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  • 农民阶级


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  1. " the peasantry ceased , they ceased in israel , until i , deborah , arose , until i arose , a mother in israel
    士5 : 7以色列中的官长停职、直到我底波拉兴起、等我兴起作以色列的母。
  2. We should establish a financial system that can meet the development of the agriculture , tile village and the peasantry
  3. They made their contributions , by the benefit of technique advances , to economic growth , at the same time they were no longer the peasantry of the traditional type , but became a kind of rural pretty - bourgeoisie in their production , living and status
  4. The line of capitulation taken by the big landlord class and the big bourgeoisie runs sharply counter to the line of armed resistance taken by the proletariat , the peasantry , the urban petty bourgeoisie and the middle bourgeoisie , and there is a struggle between the two
  5. There are many factors affecting this process of monocracy in chinese countryside , for example , the flimsy legal awareness of the peasantry , the autonomy of the country , the morbidity of the law system , the bad executing and supervising of the law and so on


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