trust investment中文什么意思

发音:   用"trust investment"造句
  • 投资信托业
  • 信托投资
  • trust:    n. 1.信任,信赖 (in)。 2 ...
  • investment:    n. 1.投资;投资额;(时间、资本 ...
  • investment trust:    (即合股投资公司) 投资托拉斯; 投 ...


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  1. Criticisms of present situations of contractual type investment trust investment trust and suggestions of relative legislation in our country is the main contents in part four
  2. In china now , most investment banks like security corporation , trust investment corporation , investment ( counseling ) , or finance corporation are set up according to administrative order
  3. In chapter four , from aspects of the credit scale control as well as the development and reorganization of trust investment companies , the author discusses on the influence of periodical . economic fluctuation on the formation of npl
  4. In design , in order to realize serial communication windows api is used ; also share memory manager and message queue manager is used . serial communication insulates website and shanxi trust investment company two lan
  5. Manulife - sinochem is a joint venture company between manulife international limited 51 per cent and china foreign economic and trade trust investment company , a member of the sinochem group 49 per cent . about sinochem


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