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  1. No sooner have they arrived than they're all plotting to get their hands on some of Cheviot's trust money.
  2. A " yes " vote favors barring the use of federal trust money to make interest payments on the debt.
  3. The simplest case put is the mingling of trust moneys in a bag with money of the trustee s own.
  4. In 2012 the Law Society of South Australia published a fact sheet on appropriating Trust Money for Payment of Fees.
  5. In South Australia in 2010, in Australia's most expensive divorce, claims of overcharging and discrepancies handling trust money were made.
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  7. Further, the Law Society states that if the client objects to the bill the trust money should remain in trust.
  8. She manages 15 people, millions of dollars of trust money and will be sorely missed, said Senior Vice President Robert Godley.
  9. The $ 800 million payment is the first installment of trust money that was left over after all claimants were paid.
  10. The Education Department contended that Sallie Mae " held " any loan in which it had a financial interest, including trust money.
  11. After the death of Margaret McCarty on September 29, 1994, the Toulmin Sr . remainder trust money had grown to a considerable sum.
  12. Many of the Interior Department's Internet connections have been shut down twice since December 2001 to keep hackers from reaching the trust money.
  13. At the State Land Department, Meyer calculates that losing trust money from the education budget would cost each taxpayer nearly $ 50 more.
  14. The Education Department had contended that Sallie Mae " held " any loan in which it had a financial interest, including trust money.
  15. "Stocks will get a boost from the flow of new investment trust money, " said Hiroshi Masuda, deputy general manager at Yamaichi Securities Co.
  16. The Law Society recommends that 3 business days be allowed to pass after posting the bill before appropriation of trust money towards that bill.
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