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  1. In the present work , the chemical distributing , the microstructure characteristics and the fractorgraphy analysis of metal / metal fgm are studied systematically by using electron probe microstructure analysis ( epma ) , scanning electron microscopy ( sem ) and energy dispersive x - ray analysis ( eds ) . as a result , some ideas about the fabrication are put forward
    然后分别应用电子探针( epma ) 、扫描电子显微镜( sem )和x射线能谱仪( eds )对共沉降法制备的w - mo系和w - mo - ti系梯度功能材料的化学成分分布、显微组织和断口形貌特征等进行了较详细的研究。
  2. The phase structure of different cu - fe thin films were studied by using grazing incidence x - ray analysis ( gixa ) . the texture and residual stress of different cu - fe thin films were measured by scan of x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) and 2 scan with different . the thicknesses of different thin films were characterized by means of small angle x - ray scattering ( saxs ) technique . by using atomic force microscope ( afm ) measured surface roughness of thin films . the component of different thin film was characterized by energy disperse spectrum ( eds ) and x - ray fluorescence ( xrf ) . the magnetic properties of cu - fe thin films were measured by means of vibrating sample magnetometer ( vsm ) . in addition , the giant magnetoresistance ( gmr ) effects of different films were also measured . the original resistance of the film fabricated by a direction - current magnetron sputtering system is directly affected by bias voltage
    利用掠入射x射线分析( gixa )技术对不同cu - fe薄膜的相结构进行了研究;利用xrd扫描及不同角度的2扫描对薄膜进行了结晶织构及残余应力分析;运用小角x射线散射( saxs )技术测量了薄膜的厚度;采用原子力显微镜( afm )观察了薄膜的表面形貌;运用能量损失谱( eds )及x射线荧光光谱( xrf )对薄膜进行了成分标定;使用振动样品磁强计测量了不同cu - fe过饱和固溶体薄膜的磁性能;最后利用自制的磁阻性能测试设备测量了真空磁场热处理前后不同薄膜的巨磁阻值。
  3. When the bath load was increased , the plating rate was shortened . the effects of bath composition and plating conditions on the composition were also investigated . the x - ray analysis showed that edta and the stabilization agent can effectively increase the content of the copper oxidation in the composite powders
    粉体x ray分析的结果表明,络合剂对防止镀液中的氢氧化铜的产生起来关键作用,而氢氧化钢是产生氧化亚铜的直接原因,因而选用edta作为络合剂,以及合适的量,可以减少二射线中的氧化亚铜的馒头峰。
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