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  1. The Virgin Islands got some heavy rain Sunday and a pleasure yacht broke its moorings and crashed ashore on the British colony of Anguilla, but Erika mainly kept her damaging edge in the open Atlantic.
  2. Convinced too that the 75-foot One Australia yacht broke apart because of a design flaw, Dickson refused to relent on a cup rule that places a limit on how many sails each team builds.
  3. The Australians were scheduled to meet the French but said they didn't have time to get their backup boat ready following Sunday's catastrophe, when their newest yacht broke in two and sank.
  4. May, the Chesapeake sailor, quotes a yacht broker who spoke to him as he looked to make the switch from wind to fuel as saying, " With sail, getting there is the fun.
  5. The Italian's American-built yacht broke a steering cable as she rounded a marker and span out of control to meet Syd Fischer's Australian 50-footer in a bone-shaking collision.
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  7. The Virgin Islands received some heavy rain Sunday and a yacht broke its moorings and crashed ashore on the British colony of Anguilla, but otherwise, Erika's damaging edge was mainly over the open Atlantic.
  8. With their father's backing, the 21-year-old Olin and his brother entered into a partnership with the already successful yacht broker Drake Sparkman, and Sparkman & Stephens, Inc . was formed.
  9. In the U . S . and Canada, qualified yacht brokers may qualify to earn their Certified Professional Yacht Broker ( CPYB ) credentials, following courses of study and successfully completing a 3-hour written examination.
  10. In 1989 the yacht was rediscovered by luxury yacht broker Nicholas Edmiston who purchased the vessel in 1998 from the Romanian government and in 1999 sent her to Falmouth, Cornwall, on the heavy lift ship " Swift ".
  11. "A new boat may depreciate as much as 20 percent the moment it leaves the showroom, " said Oxnard-based yacht broker Burton Head, who advises prospective owners to take a serious look at the used market.
  12. Book Six contains the stories of a bookbinder, a pharmacist, a piano tuner, a realty broker, a yacht broker, two stockbrokers, a project coordinator, a government relations coordinator, a process clerk, and an organizer.
  13. Gary Clifford, a luxury yacht broker for Richard Bertram & Co . in Fort Lauderdale, Fla ., said his customers weren't troubled by recent market turmoil because " a lot of people are already liquid ."
  14. In a devastating blow to one of the best sailing teams in the world, the dlrs 3 million, 75-foot ( 23-meter ) yacht broke Sunday in two in heavy wind and fierce waves, and sank within two minutes.
  15. From Friday to Sunday in Mystic, Conn ., Mystic Seaport will showcase a remarkable fleet of more than 75 yachts whose lines were created in the New York offices of Sparkman & Stephens, the firm Olin Stephens established with the yacht broker Drake Sparkman in 1931.
  16. Bart J . Kimman, a yacht broker with Simpson Marine, Asia's largest yacht brokerage company, says he discourages mainland Chinese tycoons from buying yachts unless they plan to keep them in Hong Kong, as a few have, even though regulations make it almost impossible to sail Hong Kong boats into mainland China waters.
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