a bad business中文什么意思

发音:   用"a bad business"造句
  • 麻烦事, 不幸的事
  • bad:    bad2 〔古语〕 bid 的过去式 ...
  • business:    n. 1.事务,业务;事,事业,行业 ...
  • bad business:    营业不利


  1. Its a bad business , eh ? whats a bad business , father
    “事情糟糕透了,不是吗? ”
  2. A bad business this , madame , of gaspard s execution
  3. Its a bad business , said the general , without answering him ; our men have been too slow
    “真糟糕, ”将军没有回答他的话,说道, “我们的军队磨蹭起来了。 ”
  4. The trouble is that many companies claim to believe y while behaving as if x is true . and , as the book makes clear , this is a bad business


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