a bearskin rug中文什么意思

发音:   用"a bearskin rug"造句
  • 熊皮地毯


  1. The scatological sculpture is purportedly cast from 19 - week old suri ' s first bowel movement and will be shown at the capla kesting gallery in brooklyn , new york , before being auctioned off for charity . the artist behind the work , daniel edwards , previously courted controversy with a life - size nude sculpture of pop star britney spears giving birth on a bearskin rug
    据称,这尊大便雕塑的原型是克鲁斯19周大的女儿苏瑞第一次拉下的固体大便,雕塑将在美国纽约州布鲁克林的capla kesting美术馆展出,之后将被公开拍卖,所得收益全部捐赠给慈善事业。


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