a challenging job中文什么意思

发音:   用"a challenging job"造句
  • 一份具有挑战性的工作
  • challenge:    n. 1.挑战,挑战书,决斗书;(比 ...
  • job:    n.,vt.,vi. 〔方言〕=ja ...
  • be challenging for:    对……有挑战


  1. This is a challenging job
    (这是一份有挑战性的工作。 )
  2. We ' ll provide you a challenging job with attractive c & b package , as well as intensive personal training and career path plan and various job opportunities
  3. The state department s mission is to promote these trends and use them to advance america s interests in the world . it s a challenging job . we need every tool we have
  4. They are assigned a challenging job which gives them a sense of achievement , responsibility , growth , enjoyment and a promising promotion prospect ; their efforts are recognized and appreciated by the management and the public


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