a cluster of buildings中文什么意思

发音:   用"a cluster of buildings"造句
  • 一群建筑物
  • cluster:    n. 1.丛集;丛;(葡萄等的)串, ...
  • building:    n. 1.建筑物,房屋,大楼,大厦。 ...
  • buildings:    房屋及建物; 建筑物; 金属建筑构件


  1. The agricultural center is a cluster of buildings built for the fair that are used all year long to host shows , exhibitions , and meetings
  2. The spatial configuration of yuelu house is as follows : a single building } encircles a inferior public space , such as courtyard etc . | a unit of buildings and courtyarda superior public space ' / or instance , the centre of a cluster of buildings a cluster of buildings circumfuses a more superoir public space , for example , scenical aaxes , spatial sequence , primary or secondary axes which emphasizes the chinese ritual culture , etc . a district of buildings encloses a supreme pubic spacea spatial form of the ancient school house


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