a distinct improvement中文什么意思

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  1. Medical care has made a distinct improvement in his health
  2. This new suggestion is a distinct improvement from the one i originally made
  3. The size of the haematomas treated with hirudoid was reduced after 24 hours , while the haematomas which remained untreated or were treated with cream base required 24 - 36 hours to show a distinct improvement
    血肿的大小在喜疗妥组用药24小时后即减小了,而未治疗组或软膏基质组则需要24 36小时才有明显的改善。
  4. Furthermore , a new elastic matching algorithm is designed with the combination of shape blending , which is based on physical elastic model , and a distinct improvement of performance is achieved . chapter 4 is mainly focused on recognition approaches using hidden markov model . firstly , the general concepts and algorithms of hidden markov model are described , and then , a new model called ddbhmm is discussed and compared with the classic model in detail


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