a distinguished gathering中文什么意思

发音:   用"a distinguished gathering"造句
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  1. I am very delighted to be invited to such a distinguished gathering
  2. It is a great honour for me to be standing before such a distinguished gathering . i am most grateful to the hong kong trade development council for organising this luncheon
  3. Mangshan national forest park bounded by guangdong provice is located in yizhang coutry . it has a total area of 20 thousand hectares with the main peak of 1902 metres abouve sea level . it is a distinguished gathering of plants and animals and gets the name of " organisms genecetrer " " the museum for plants and animals in china "
    莽山国家公园,位于湖南郴州宜章县境内,与广东接壤,主峰海拔1902米,总面积2万公顷,是南北动植物荟萃之地,被中外专家学者誉为“生物基因库” 、 “中国天然动植物博物馆” 。


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