a local anaesthetic中文什么意思

发音:   用"a local anaesthetic"造句
  • 局部麻醉剂
  • local:    adj. 1.地方的,当地的,本地的 ...
  • anaesthetic:    adj. 麻醉的。 n. 麻醉药[剂 ...
  • local anaesthetic:    局部麻醉剂; 局麻药


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  1. Eye surgery is often performed using a local anaesthetic
  2. You are going to have a local anaesthetic so you won ' t feel anything
  3. We ' ll have to use a local anaesthetic so we can see how he ' s feeling
  4. She will arrange for a biopsy to be taken , which is a sample of tissue taken from the skin under a local anaesthetic , then inspected under a microscope
  5. If thawed semen is used , it has to be injected directly into the uterus through the ewe ' s belly wall , which requires a local anaesthetic and also large quantities of defrosted semen


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