a seat number中文什么意思

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  • seat:    n. 1.座;座位;席位;席次。 2 ...
  • number:    n. 1.数;数字;〔pl.〕算术。 ...
  • seat by number:    对号入座75
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  1. Good morning ! i have confirmed the seat on flight cz345 and kl897 from beijing to st . paul via amsterdam . may i book a seat number now
  2. Confirm a seat number : here special remind is , still must call to determine a seat number to airline before setting out 3 days ago , otherwise your seat number is probable because never affirm , and be cancelled automatically by airline , travelling especially busy season , more want tread lightly , just won ' t " carelessness breaks jing zhou " , will good grab easiness seat number not easily , submissively lets a person


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