a strong faith中文什么意思

发音:   用"a strong faith"造句
  • 坚定的宗教信仰
  • strong:    adj. 1.强壮的,有力的,有膂力 ...
  • faith:    n. 1.信用,信任。 2.信仰,信 ...
  • faith:    n. 费丝〔女子名〕。 n. 1.信 ...


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  1. In this intensity of desire for blessing we have the root of a strong faith
  2. I have a strong faith in ghosts : i have a conviction that they can , and do , exist among us
  3. Because she has blessed our world by elevating its souls , many people , including these patients , now feel a stronger faith in god even though their bodies may be weak , sick and old
  4. Our goal is to provide a source of strength and support to those who are looking for the truth about christianity , and to help them to understand that real christianity represents a strong faith in jesus christ
  5. And youve got a strong faith that you have value and nothing is impossible . then youll start dreaming of a future . youll begin to believe in the impossible dreams that god gives you and he gives them to you


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