a unique schooling中文什么意思

发音:   用"a unique schooling"造句
  • 上学路上
  • unique:    adj. 1.唯一的;无双的;无比的 ...
  • schooling:    n. 1.学校教育;教育。 2.学费 ...
  • unique schooling:    让我听听你的手; 上学路上


  1. The chinese medicine is a unique school of its own
  2. Most of the process of teachers " career cycle takes place in the context of a unique school , under the " school custom " that a school has constructed during a certain period of time . school custom is the reflection of certain school ' s educational values and offers the platform for any teacher ' s professional development in this school
    这些问题包括:办学价值观对学校管理改革的意义、教师专业素质的定位、如何看待制度“缺失”所引发的学校管理“空白” 、作为研究者的教师所面临的问题与对策,以及促进教师专业发展习俗所应包含的基本因素等。
  3. With a view to stabilizing the political situation in the country , developing the economy and appeasing the elite of the ethnic hans , the qing emperor did their share in invigorating the city . emperor kangxi and emperor qianlong made six inspection tours of yangzhou and pushed it to the peak of prosperity again . a great number of gardens and buildings were constructed and a wealth of paintings and calligraphic works were created at a unique school of culture - the yangzhou school
    从定国安邦发展经济和笼络汉族文化精英的目的出发,清代各帝都对扬州的复苏和发展有过多少不同的部署和安排,而康熙乾隆六下江南,六游扬州,又重新把扬州推上了新的繁华顶点,巩固住了扬州南北漕运和盐运的咽喉地位,并为今日留下了数不胜数的园林建筑和诗书画曲等宝贵的文化遗产,形成特有的“扬派文化” 。


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